Colegio Max Uhle
Jueves, 25 de Mayo de 2017


What can we expect this current year?


Tons of new things our kids suggested and expect to see along their English instruction. They were previously conceived as active ways of learning a language, and better yet as a strong means of communication. Let us mention some of them.

Cambridge Exams will have been a very important part in our students’ goals. They will simply measure their skills in the language. Speaking, Listening, Reading, and writing will be present in every single activity programmed for each level or class.

The second semester is meant to be the time to measure the current and real level of our students, we mean class 11 kids. This activity, “The English Mock Exam”, has a tradition of three years in a row, and this opportunity ,it would also be offered to kids, whose level of mastering the language has been proven to be evident and of course such event would be considered as an invitation ,only. Why all the hassle? – Simple , we want our kids to find better and easier ways to achieve higher levels, and especially through a meaningful process.


Even though some students do have a great sense of mastering the language in Speaking and listening; we as an active English Department , can not set aside the importance of written production, as well as reading comprehension.

Having set a whole variety of “written assignments” for each level, has certainly given us a wider vision of what we expect from our students in each level. We would demand the production of a greeting card (class 5) or any short story or article (class 11) that is to mention some examples.

Our calendar has a wide range of possibilities. As a product of fruitful meetings , we included , “holiday projects” . The week of March 11th to March 16th enlightened the kids motivation towards participation and learning of new traditions and habits on “St. Patrick’s day”. The mere facts of reviewing the life of a foreign saint, his work and good action; as well as what Irish people’s habits represent during this holiday enhanced the event. Wearing something “green” wrapped up the activities . It was fun to see the kids originality everywhere we, the English teachers in our school went to. e.g. some even drank “green” soft drink! That is certainly called cultural awareness.

More projects are yet to come and what better ways to enhance the kids motivation and participation. We feel so grateful for your cooperation as parents. Let us keep the ball rolling. You will certainly hear from us!!!



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